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We see the world through our eyes, but plants perceive light quality via a variety of proteins in their leaves called photoreceptors (phytochromes or cryptochromes). Researchers have determined that these receptors track changes in the direction (Read More)

Solution for consumers

There is increasing interest to grow one's food or sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally. People of all ages expect their favorite foods to be available all year and at an affordable price. We want anyone with a tiny bit of spare indoor space to share (Read More)


Big data and IoT will boost urban and vertical farming. Many technology companies are already being used by pioneers such as Analog Devices to improve the taste of tomatoes. In the Netherlands, Philips recently opened Grow Wise City Farming (Read More)

Plant growth?

Our product is designed to provide tuning to the environment be it temperature, humidity, light intensity and wavelength, for the 8 stages of growth. (Learn More)


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